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Pricing Info

We know it's a sacrifice to spend your summer at LiNC, and we work hard every year to make sure it's affordable. The majority of our program costs are used to cover housing, food, transportation (where needed) and materials.


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Application Fee

  By Dec. 1: FREE  

  By Feb. 1: $25  

By Apr. 1: $50

The application fee is a one-time administrative charge.

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Initial Deposit


due by April 15

The initial deposit counts toward each participant's total program costs.

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Total Cost


Balance due prior to arrival




We use Paypal as our payment processor. If you do not have a Paypal account, you may need to sign up for one in order to pay online. For alternative payment options, see below.

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Having trouble viewing the payment box above?

We are aware of an issue that prevents some users from seeing the Paypal payment box above. This appears to be a localized issue and may be overcome by clearing your browser's cache. If you still cannot view the payment button, you may use this link:

Payment Structure for users

If you are paying via the link in the box above, we ask that you continue to use the preset payment structure outlined below.

If you need to pay a different amount, please do so only after contacting the program director for your location to make them aware of your need.

Application Fee: FREE (on or before Dec 1, 2023)  //  $50 (on or before Feb 1, 2024)  //  $75 (after Feb 1)

Initial Deposit: $300

Balance Payment: $900

Disciple Making Intensive Only: TBD (per person)

You may also pay by check

Make checks payable to Cypress Church of Gainesville, Attn: LINC / PO Box 14082, Gainesville, FL, 32604

Church Administrators:

If you are a church administrator submitting payment for one or more participants, you may:

  • Pay by check (preferred):  Make checks payable to Cypress Church LiNC, PO Box 14082, Gainesville FL 32604

  • Pay online:  Enter the total amount being submitted; include names and amounts for each individual on the line "What's this for?"

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the application fee applied to the overall cost of LiNC?

No, the application fee is a one-time administrative charge that does not count toward the overall program costs.

Is the initial deposit applied to the overall cost of LiNC?

Yes! The initial deposit is due by April 15, while the remaining balance will be due on or before the start of the

Disciple Making Intensive.

I am only attending the Disciple Making Intensive. How do I pay for this?

The payment box above on this page has a drop-down menu with an option to pay the $60 fee for the Disciple Making Intensive.

If you are attending the full LiNC program, do not use this payment option. Your fee for the Disciple Making Intensive is included in the total cost of the program.

When is the balance payment due?

The balance payment for both program locations is due on the date of arrival. It is important that each participant pay on time and in full. If you are encountering a financial difficulty, we ask that you notify as early and as quickly as possible so that we can work with you to address the need.

Am I (or is my student) required to raise support?

We do not require anyone attending LiNC to raise funds to attend LiNC. We do encourage all of our participants to consider it, however, because of the tremendous opportunity it provides to trust God to meet a need. Many who do choose to raise support do so with training and support from their local church, but our LiNC staff is also available to help and answer questions.

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