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Frequently Asked Questions

What does a typical day at LiNC look like?

In Orlando, our days typically start early with a time of corporate prayer. Most students will work on alternating schedules at a local theme park and take part in various outreach efforts in the off-hours. There will also be a scheduled day of rest each week.

At our Launch locations, participants will not work a job. They will be full-time missionaries at their location. The exact schedule may vary but will typically include a time of training and prayer, an extended time of outreach and follow-up. There will also be a day of rest each week.

Where will I work at LiNC? (Orlando only)

In recent years, we have developed an ongoing partnership with one of the local theme parks, Fun Spot. They love our students! Because of this relationship, students who would like a guaranteed job will have one at Fun Spot. We also welcome students to seek out other jobs or internships in the area; however, we do ask that anyone seeking a job other than Fun Spot make every effort to remain fully engaged with project activities.

What are the housing arrangements?

Our Orlando participants will live at Collegiate Village Inn, a dorm-style community near the Univ. of Central Florida campus. (CVI is not affiliated with UCF.) Housing and meals are all provided on-site and are included in the cost of LiNC. For additional info, please contact us.

Housing at our Launch projects varies widely but often includes apartment living, with men and women sharing separate bedrooms or living quarters. We will typically prepare our own meals, though we occasionally dine out. For more info, please contact the project director.

Why must I work a job? (Orlando only)

Our hope is that you will learn to be a healthy contributor in the marketplace by demonstrating a strong work ethic as well as a commitment to connect with your co-workers and, in turn, connect them with Christ.

At our discretion, we may make an exception to the job requirement for those who need or desire to take summer classes or who apply to intern with LiNC.

Can I take summer classes while at LiNC?

Of course!

We do ask that you weigh the commitment you would be making to LiNC, both in terms of cost and time. All participants are fully responsible for the cost of LiNC, regardless of their work status. We also ask that you would consider your team by practicing good time management skills so that you can remain engaged in project activities.

Can I intern with LiNC?

We would love for you to consider interning with LiNC!

At this time, we typically only offer internships at our Home Base project in Orlando. (Some exceptions may apply.) This is a great way to gain valuable ministry experience by taking on a significant leadership role. Before you apply, we would invite you to talk with our LiNC staff as well as your local pastor.

Can friends or family visit LiNC?

Friends and family members are always welcome to visit you at LiNC, at their discretion and expense. We will do our best to accommodate them in our on-site housing for a small fee, provided there is available space.

We ask that participants understand and respect that, because we care for their well-being, they should not leave the project location without the consent of the project director or a designated staff member.

What is the cost of LiNC?

The cost of each project varies depending on location, accommodations and length of time. Each project may have its own payment schedule; however, please note that full payment is due no later than the final date of the project.

Complete financial details and policies can be found on our Finances page.

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