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We generally expect all participants to attend the Disciple-Making Boot Camp and be present for the duration of their LiNC project. If you have concerns or questions about your ability to do this, please let us know as soon as possible.

Unlike our Home Base project in Orlando, participants in our Launch projects will not work a job. They will be full-time missionaries at their location.

The exact schedule will vary by location, but a typical day will include a time of training and prayer, an extended time of outreach and follow-up of people we meet.

Participants also get a full day off each week.


Our days typically start early with a time of corporate prayer.


Most students will work on alternating schedules at a local amusement park and be involved in campus outreach activities in their off-hours.

The exact weekly schedule is determined by the project director each year, but typically students will have one full day of rest each week as well.


1. What does a typical day

    look like at LiNC?

2. Where will I work?

3. Why must I work?

Because of LiNC's ongoing relationship with a local amusement park called Fun Spot, participants in our Orlando project have a guaranteed job at the park for the summer. It is not a mandate for LiNC participants to work at Fun Spot, however; students may seek out other jobs or internships in Orlando, if they choose.

Our hope is that you will learn to connect with people at your job and, in the process, connect them with Christ.

Exceptions to the job requirement may be made for those who want or need to take summer classes or those who apply and are accepted as interns for LINC. (See related questions on this page.)

4. Can I take summer classes
    while I'm at LiNC?

Yes, of course. We do ask that you bear in mind that you are fully responsible for paying the FULL cost of LiNC, whether you are employed or enrolled in classes. We also do expect that you will practice good time management skills so that you can continue to be fully engaged in project activities.

5. Can I be an intern at LiNC?

We would love for you to consider interning with LiNC! As a LINC intern, you can gain valuable ministry experience by taking on a significant leadership role on the project. You’ll work directly with the staff team to disciple students and plan and coordinate project events. If you are interested in becoming a LINC intern, please talk with your local pastor(s) before applying.

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