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We know it's a sacrifice to spend your summer at LiNC, and we work hard every year to make sure it's affordable. The majority of our program costs are used to cover housing, food, transportation (where needed) and materials.


Image by Kai Gradert

Application Fee

  By Dec. 1: $25  

  By Feb. 1: $50  

By Apr. 1: $75

Initial Deposit

$300 due by April 15

*The deposit counts toward each participant's total program cost

Total Cost

LiNC Participant: $1,000 (Omaha); $1,200 (Tallahassee)

Disciple-Making Intensive only: $60



What You Need to Know

  • It's really important for every participant in LiNC to pay on time and in full. If you run into a financial difficulty, we encourage you to reach out to us quickly so that we can help address the need.

  • The application fee is not included in the total cost of the program.

  • Both the initial deposit and the cost of the Disciple-Making Intensive are included in the total cost for each LiNC participant. Anyone attending only the DMI will apply and pay separately for the training.

  • Most of our participants choose to raise funds (or "raise support") to cover the cost of LiNC, though you are welcome to pay out of pocket. If you are interested in raising support but are unsure where to start, we can help you determine how to begin the process.

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